Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars

pup star web

by Elizabeth Marruffo

This website collates some of the documentation of my 2013 ‘Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars’ art installation held at free range gallery Perth.

I sculpted over 150 tiny portraits of participants childhood dogs. These were suspended in the shape of the canis major constellation and tapped into a collective memory of dog companionship, grief and love.

I made the following video in order to crowdfund the project through Pozible. It also explains the ideas and motivation behind the work. The images are from the finished installation and public programs.

pup long 2 716

Panel 1


Panel 2


Panel 3


Panel 4

pup suspension

Panel 5


Elizabeth Marruffo is from the small border town of Agua Prieta in Sonora, Mexico. In her painting practice, Marruffo engages with ideas of self-representation along with themes of collective grief, loss and love. Her paintings appear as dreamlike images where the earthly and the otherworldly co-exist. With an increasing interest in folkloric traditions, she uses the techniques of a traditional painting practice and creates works that have a distinctive and contemporary voice.

In her work with children’s community groups she uses poetic and gentle techniques in ways that encourage a child’s ability to develop their own creativity and sense of self.

Elizabeth currently lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. She is also the director of Milktooth Arts Space, where she develops and runs children art classes and adults art workshops. She is a sessional lecturer in painting at Edith Cowan University, has been a finalist in numerous national painting awards including The Portia Geach Memorial Prize and is represented in various collections.